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Masonry Products and Suppliers

Masonry Products and Suppliers

We would like to thank all the masonry product manufacturers and the companies who supply us with these great products.


Masonry Nation uses products from these fine companies on a daily basis. They all manufacture quality masonry products including brick, stone, pavers, sills, tile, and more. Click on any logo below to visit their website and browse a huge selection of masonry products. Visit our portfolio page to see some of these products in use.

Arriscraft - Building Stone, Brick, and Limestone
Permacon Masonry Products
Realstone Systems -  high-quality natural stone products
Cultured Stone - Masonry Products
Stone Rox - Architectural Thin Stone Veneer
Brampton Brick - Brick Products
Pangaea Natural Stone Products
IMPEX - Masonry Products
Eldorado Stone - Stone, Brick, and Masonry Products
Silica Stone Quebec, Ontario, USA | Carrières Ducharme
Natural Granite Flooring
Masonry Products


Our main suppliers for masonry products are listed below. We depend on them to deliver most of the building materials and tools we use to build beautiful homes, driveways & walkways, planters, and other masonry works of art. Click on a supplier’s logo below to visit their website.

Merkley Supply Ltd. the largest masonry boutique in eastern Ontario
Ottawa Brick and Stone Supplies
Hoffman Materials Inc. is a supplier of brick and stone for the masonry industry
Masonry Supplies