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Brick and Stone Masonry Services

Brick and Stone Masonry Services

Affordable & Professional Service

Our Brick and Stone Masonry Services

“We provide high quality residential masonry services for the Ottawa area.”

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Masonry Nation aims to make it as easy as possible for you to get a quote, book your job, and see results. We can help your ideas come to life.

Residential Masonry

Residential New Construction

Are you building a new home? We would love the opportunity to enhance your new build with a masonry product of your choice!

New residential construction represents the bulk of our work. We bring experience, and safety to every jobsite. Masonry Nation is fully insured and licensed.

Brick Block Stone

Brick, Block, Stone

Would you like to update the exterior of your home? We can remove the old and install new stone or any product of your choice! Let’s discuss your options!

Stone Gatepost

Stone Gate Posts

When building gate posts for our clients, we make sure it is done right. We make sure the footing is below the frost line, so your posts will stay nice and straight and not leaning after a few years. We work along with our clients closely through the design process, so they get exactly what they want.

Fireplaces & Feature Walls

Fireplaces & Feature Walls

If you can dream it, we can build it! We include our clients to be certain they love the finished product, and their vision comes to life. We do all types of fireplaces from scratch or re-face an existing one with new stone or brick. We can take care of all your masonry needs.

Chimney Repair Rebuild

Chimney Repair & Rebuild

We can replace deteriorating brick on your chimney, or totally rebuild it.  If the masonry is sound and stable, sometimes only a repoint is necessary. When replacing brick, we will do our best to closely match the original color and size so that the repair looks natural.   

Chimney Cap Replacement

Chimney Cap Replacement

We can remove your old chimney cap and replace it with a new one of your choice, metal, concrete, or stone. We’ll make sure it’s sealed up nicely. See why that’s important, read “Water is Brick and Stones kryptonite


Brick & Stone Repointing

If the mortar on your home is starting to crumble and flake away, or if it’s totally missing in some areas, we can repoint your whole home or just specific areas. This stops water from getting in and waring down your brick or stone.

Block Foundation

Foundation Repairs

Your single largest investment and all its contents rests on your home’s foundation. Whether your stone foundation needs some repointing, or your block foundation needs some block replaced, we can help.

Window Sill

Brick Windowsills

Many homeowners find that their rowlock windowsills are deteriorating. We replace these with your choice of concrete or stone windowsills. They stand the test of time and look great!

Repairs & Restoration

Repairs & Restoration

Do you need any masonry repairs around your house? We can take care of masonry need, whether big or small. Call us today so we can get details, give you a quote, and get it done.

Exteriors & Facelifts

Exterior Facelifts

Providing quick and effective ways to update the exterior of your house and enhance its curb appeal. We can remove the existing material, and start fresh with new stone, brick, or product of your choice.

Demolition & Removal

Demolition & Removal

We can remove old existing brick on your house, or any other material for that matter, and wrap the building with an air and moisture barrier (Typar, Tyvek) to get it prepped for the next stage of your project. Call us to discuss what you’d like done and we can provide a quote for demolition and removal.  

Winter Work

Winter Work

Do you have any inside work you would like done, like refacing an old fireplace with new stone, adding a feature wall in your home, or even old foundation stone that needs repointing? Our mason’s love getting out of the cold. We also can work outside in the winter with a little extra setup, including tarps and heaters to protect our work.

Still not sure you want to use our Brick and Stone Masonry Services? We are registered with Google My Business, click here and visit our reviews section to reassure yourself of our quality work. We currently have a 5 Star rating.